Bedrooms and Books

There are two almost identical bedrooms located in opposite corners of the studio. Each has a single bed, a glass-topped desk on wheels, a desk chair, a wardrobe and some book cases. The room facing the Jura holds a collection of books on Philosophy (Aesthetics, consciousness), Artists Methods and Handbooks, Artist writings (interviews to autobiographies), Science (vision, visual illusions, neurophysiology, psychology) and Art Theory.

The room facing towards the lake holds Art magazines, Exhibition catalogues, books about particular artists and movement, and general art history books.

There is also a large library of fiction books elsewhere in the house.

All the furniture in the rooms, like in the studio is relatively easy to move around so that you can arrange things to suit your preferences. Some residents prefer to move the desk into the studio, others like to keep the option of working in the privacy of their rooms. I have spare mattresses which can allow you to sleep a child or an additional guest on the floor of the room. The residency beds can also be brought together for couples.


The kitchen is located at one end of the studio, next to the bathroom. It has microwave, kettle, toaster, an oven, a dishwasher and a fridge, and is fully furnished with all manner of kitchen utensils, plates, glasses, cutlery.

Residents are expected to cook for themselves though we might occasionally have a big dinner together in the family dining room downstairs. If you arrive late at night or on a day when the supermarket is closed, we will feed you until you get to the shops! Residents have accumulated a selection of spices and sauces etc... Please make sure to have a critical cleanout before you leave though!

The kitchen has a nice view over the rooftops of the tiny old centre of the village and serves as a nice place to relax, unwind, perhaps sit and write while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

In the summer, with the windows open, the little window seat is a wonderful place to lounge with some pillows.


The bathroom is shared by the residents. It is located in one corner of the studio, next to the kitchen.

Towels are supplied. There is a separate toilet. Complete with an Occupy Slade poster to ponder...

The separate sink is at the moment the only sink for washing brushes. This means that very large brushes have to be washed in separate tubs in the studio.


Talisker is the studio dog. Mostly he is happy to settle into his studio basket and keeps out of the way however, he makes for an excellent hot water bottle if invited to sit on your lap.

 Talisker after having demolished an artist book made especially for him during the 2014 book art summer retreat.

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