From Stina Lavenius

12.04.2016 - 30.04.2016

I'm a recently graduated graphic designer/ illustrator who has spent this last year working on my own projects, mainly image making using different techniques.

I came to Trelex with a very short notice since the artist who were supposed to come in April had to cancel. Unfortunately, since it was a very spontaneous decision to apply, I could only stay for two weeks, but those weeks were well worth it! I had done a couple of residency programs before where I worked on very specific themes set before arrival. This time, I decided to let the place inform what I would do, so I had nothing decided when I arrived in Trélex. The first days I was just busy collecting visual impressions from the surroundings and the characteristic house.

About the project: As I went to Trélex very suddenly I hadn't saved up for the trip and Switzerland isn't exactly famous for being cheap, so I naturally found myself thinking a lot about my financial situation (staying in Trélex is very beneficial for a modest economy though, as there really isn't much to spend your money on, we cooked at home and had a lot of (delicious) canned rösti). I came to the residency in the midst of the Panama papers chaos, so I also spent a lot of time reading about money. I'm always feeling like the language of the economy section in the news is excluding me. It's mysterious and full of authority. This I find both intimidating and intriguing, and I want to understand. In short: money was on my mind and I decided to make my project about it. I figured I'd dig into financial language. I chose to work with a selection of (Swedish) expressions connected to taxes.

The model of Trélex residency was perfect for me; total freedom, a peaceful workspace in a new environment was just what I needed to get started with a new project. I hope to come back one day.

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