From Julia Peintner

03.04.2016 - 30.04.2016

The Trelex Residency, like its name suggests, is located in the small, idyllic village of Trelex, located a short eight minutes train ride away from Nyon at the shore of Lac Leman, just between Geneve in the west and Lausanne in the east.

What makes this residency so great from the start is the straightforward application process, followed by its location (meaning little distraction but at the same time, things to do nearby if one wants to), its studio space with great light, books and a lot of material already there to use, its individual approach to every artist's needs), no pressure to produce and expectations of the artist e.g. presentations, workshops etc., and, which is very rare for residencies, no fee for all of this. For me, the mixture of these circumstances resulted in what I was hoping to use this residency for: getting work done.

The Clubbers, acrylic on canvas, 155.2 x 37 cm, 2016

From Stina Lavenius

12.04.2016 - 30.04.2016

I'm a recently graduated graphic designer/ illustrator who has spent this last year working on my own projects, mainly image making using different techniques.

I came to Trelex with a very short notice since the artist who were supposed to come in April had to cancel. Unfortunately, since it was a very spontaneous decision to apply, I could only stay for two weeks, but those weeks were well worth it! I had done a couple of residency programs before where I worked on very specific themes set before arrival. This time, I decided to let the place inform what I would do, so I had nothing decided when I arrived in Trélex. The first days I was just busy collecting visual impressions from the surroundings and the characteristic house.

About the project: As I went to Trélex very suddenly I hadn't saved up for the trip and Switzerland isn't exactly famous for being cheap, so I naturally found myself thinking a lot about my financial situation (staying in Trélex is very beneficial for a modest economy though, as there really isn't much to spend your money on, we cooked at home and had a lot of (delicious) canned rösti). I came to the residency in the midst of the Panama papers chaos, so I also spent a lot of time reading about money. I'm always feeling like the language of the economy section in the news is excluding me. It's mysterious and full of authority. This I find both intimidating and intriguing, and I want to understand. In short: money was on my mind and I decided to make my project about it. I figured I'd dig into financial language. I chose to work with a selection of (Swedish) expressions connected to taxes.

The model of Trélex residency was perfect for me; total freedom, a peaceful workspace in a new environment was just what I needed to get started with a new project. I hope to come back one day.