From Dette Allmark

13 - 26 Aug 2017

I arrived in Trelex after being overwhelmed by the short journey from the shores of Lake Geneva the heightened vista of Trelex. Taking a small red train up past fields n fruit trees with tree topped hills in one direction and the lake n snow topped mountains in the other. The Rodins' home was the sort of childhood stories n I was shown up to a massive attic with views across the gardens. Here would be my studio space for the two weeks I was to stay.  

During my stay I focused on a drawing project on the loss of a child, not a sunny topic but this was a place where I could engage n focus on the theme. I took daily trips to swim in the lake n eat ice cream to balance out the morning topic. Using drawn images from my imagination I produced a series of 12 images to illustrate the theme n explore a woman's physical and psychological response to the issue. I'm grateful for such a beautiful and serene location to hide away in produce work and benefit from the delights of another artist as a studio companion. Many thanks and find below some images of the work produced.