From Kelly Sweeney

17.12.2015 - 07.01.2016 

Arriving late at Trelex meant that it was the morning after when I finally got to glimpse the incredible surroundings and meet Nina who made me feel instantly at home. The transition from bustling London to tranquil Trelex was surprisingly easy and I found myself in a productive and focused place almost immediately. Everything in the studio is modular and the set up has been really well thought through making it easy to create a personal space that suits your practice and needs. The time and space that the residency offers is just incredible. There is no pressure to use the time in any particular way. You could simple go and read, research or just have some head space to reflect and pull your thoughts together.  

I didn’t want to set an agenda before arriving but at the same time I wanted to to make the most of my time there. I took materials to paint, sculpt, draw and research and ended up dipping in and out of all of these disciplines in what was a pretty proflic outpouring of work. It was the kind of uninterrupted headspace that is increasingly difficult to achieve and I savoured every moment. After three weeks of solid studio time I left with the beginnings of a new body of work that has continued to develop back in my studio in London. It proved to be incredibly fruitful and I hope that the visit is not my last. I was fortunate enough to share my time there with the adorable Talisker and so my days were spent working in the studio and exploring Trelex with this lovely little hound. It was everything I could have hoped for and I would encourage any artist to go if they can. There is much to do and see if you wish and getting around is easy. I was blessed with beautiful sunshine most of the time and had to head up into the Jura mountains to find some snow (despite it being in the midst of winter) and it was so worth the trip. What the Trelex residency offers artists is generous, considered and hard to find. Nina has created a wonderful opportunity that would benefit any artist regardless of practice or intent and I will continue to reap the impact of my time there as this body of work continues to gain momentum back in the UK.