Trelex operates on a first come first serve basis. To be added to our waiting list please email trelex@trelexresidency.com stating your name and how long you would like to stay. Minimum period is 3 weeks (except in very particular circumstances), maximum stay is a total of 3 months. 

The number on the waiting list hovers around 40. This might seem long, but our experience is that about 50% of artists who express serious interest will actually proceed to reserve tickets and come, so don't loose heart and apply anyway. It's difficult to say how long the waiting time is as residents come for different amounts of time but roughly, the waiting time is currently within one year. 

No residency is confirmed until flight/travel has been booked (see how to apply).

The residency is currently suspended until further notice. We are maintaining the waiting list, please email us if you are interested in a future residency.

Past Bookings









Since the Trelex Residency opened in 2012 I have welcomed nearly 100 artists. To see who has been a resident in the past click on the images above. 

 When we reached 100 artists, to celebrate, we mapped out all 100 artists, showing roughly where everyone has arrived from. 100 Artists

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