From Sara Ashrafi

01 - 31 May 2017

I am in a house that I don’t think was built. It must have been planted.
Because just like the tree in front of me, it breathes and grows. Its roots search for pure life deep in the moist and fertile lands of Trélex. 
This was my first experience of painting outside my own workshop. A beautiful old house in the green village of Trélex. 
I am mulling over the sources of inspiration here.
It’s a unique experience to be both calm and creative!
How much I need both silence and effervescence!
In this European village, people are sparse and calm…
These days I want to paint insects and at times wild flowers.
And the sky is always a beautiful subject!
Later, I might also paint the creaking of the wooden stairs.
Yesterday, I felt lost among the six trashcans and the gum in my mouth. I had never thought in which one I had to throw my gum! I finally swallowed the gum and that was the best way to end the dilemma. 
It is getting warm is Switzerland and it’s possible to go outside with summer clothes without any worries and stroll. 
Sometimes I bike around this dream village and of course in search for people who come out of their houses for strolling or biking.
They say hello and pass. They are gentle and calm. But calm to what extent? To the extent that I think if I stay here for one year, people would fly away from my paintings and I’d become the painter of nature.
I know of a lot of painters here who only paint the wild flowers and the singing birds. 
How cheerful the baby goats are and the bees make honey with love!
In the mornings, I wake up by the sound of birds and the breeze from the Alps. Sometimes, I feel like I’m dead and that I was so good that I have entered Heaven!
Now, I am preoccupied with the plan of going to the subway when I turn back to Tehran, going aimlessly from Tajrish to Rah-ahan or getting on the bus at 5 PM and watching all the city and all the people!