About the residency

Aims and Objectives

I set up the residency with my own dream residency in mind. I wanted a professional studio environment with enough tools and materials that I wouldn't have to travel with too many of my own, a supportive environment, other artist with whom to talk if I felt the need to, someone on hand to give me local advice and a location that would provide me with a definite sense of a change of scene from my normal practice. I couldn't attend such a residency myself because of the demands of a young family but suddenly I found myself with the means of offering one to others. If you can't travel the world, bring the world to you...

The other motivation for the residency, is that my own practice and writings are increasingly concerned with the process of Art. Thus I find that the presence of other artists working with me, far from being a distraction is hugely stimulating.

Discussion, exchange and collaboration

The studio and other residency facilities are shared resources and if anything makes this experience unique it is perhaps the emphasis on discussion, exchange and collaboration which are notions that are very close to my heart. It is best to come with an open mind towards talking about and questioning your own work and some interest in what the other artists in the studio are doing.

Uniquely, The Trelex Residency has the facility to welcome two long-term residents or up to 6 short term residents at a time and encourages collaboration so if, for example, you are a visual artist, you might invite a musician or a writer you wish to collaborate with to join you for part of your stay. You could also use the facility to organise a small week-end long gathering, to discuss a particular research interest. Occasionally, I will personally invite artists that I wish to collaborate with.

Note from Nina:  People very sweetly write a lot about discussion and exchange in the studio with me and I'm happy to note that I enjoy the company.  However, to assure that no one is disappointed it is worth my pointing out that I may also be absent.  I sometime travel often and sometimes for long periods at a time so I may not always be in the studio.

After 2 years and 40 artists...

... I wrote this blog entry which gives you a bit more insight into the ethos of the residency.

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