From Ranadip Mukherjee

01.06.2015 - 30.06.2015

I was working one full month in June 2015 in Trelex. Probably I was the first Indian artist,who worked there. It was a nice experience. Very calm and silent. Nina, the founder of this residency, is always very generous to the artist and extremely helpful lady. I shared my studio in Trelex 1st couple weeks with a Video Artist Ilana Simons from USA and next few weeks of my stay with an artist from Israel Rona Shahar

I travelled all the way from Mumbai the business capital that is where I paint and have my studio and it is said that 'Mumbai never sleeps' from there when I reached Trelex in the small village of Switzerland first that touched me was an amazing silence that was exactly the silence I wanted to feel and capture through my colours. This journey of mine to Trelex will always stay in my heart. Maybe, I'll come back once again. Thanks to Nina Rodin.

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