From Lolita Dutta

02.06.2016 - 

Week one at Trelex: After an almost 9hour journey from a sweltering hot New Delhi, India, we arrived at geneva airport to be met by Aurelia, a charming artist. 
She drove us to Trelex, and within a few hours i was settled and totally at home.
Maybe it was the feel of an artist 's studio, or just the peaceful surroundings, but it made me draw the very first night that i was here.! it was also the fact that i was away  from the hustle bustle of my daily mayhem and madness .
Trelex speaks to you in the way you want to be spoken to, it builds your own rhythm, it lets you breathe ,and you begin to discover yourself...
I am excited about my next two weeks, the first week is almost over, but i know my creative mind has found solace.

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