From Jana Charl

5 Dec 2018 - 3 Jan 2019

Time has been flying by since I attended the Trélex Residency! I arrived at the residency on December 5th, 2018, and departed on January 3rd, 2019. Although I had applied for 3 months, the 1 month that was available ended up being a perfect fit for me. I arrived prepared to paint (packed acrylics, brushes, and canvas) but explored the surrounding area first and collected items from nature as well as the recycling bin. The residency had a mix of different supplies which I also utilized for creating a site-specific kinetic installation “Parcoursvita”.

After living most of my life in Los Angeles, it was very inspiring to be in a small village with friendly people (I joked that I was always saying “Bon”- something… bonjour, bonne journée, bonsoir, bonne nuit) and living in an 18th century home. It was easy to be active by the riding the residency bike, going to yoga in the village, walking in the forest, and traveling by train to nearby cities.

Mai, the other artist who shared the space, and I got along great and spent time together talking, sharing ideas, and cooking. Another artist, Min, was a short-term guest while she prepared for an exhibition in Geneva. All of us got along great, including our host Nina! We are still in touch, months after the residency ended, and I truly believe that the bonds we built will be long-lasting.

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