From Isabel Moseley

05.05.2015 - 26.05.2015

It's 6.20pm and I’m sitting beside Nina in her van, rounding the grassy corner into Trelex. The witches hat church spire peeping between the hills at a new arrival to the village.

In the morning the clang of cowbells resounded in the mountains and the nights rain made the trees such a shade of green that they looked more alive than anything ever had.

Walking around the village it struck me that the houses looked as if they had been carved out of cake using a large bread knife. On the horizon blue clouds skimmed the mountains and seemed in danger of being snagged on the jagged peaks. A thousand leaves gently fluttered in the breeze and sitting by the open kitchen window I basked in Swiss sunlight.

In the quiet bustle of Geneva I crossed a bridge that ran over a river dashing by. During the heat of the day I visited MAMCO and was reminded of Terry Gilliam’s fantasy film Brazil – the space seemed to recall a pasts idea of what the future would be; great big turquoise doors and windows set into a sturdy industrial building encrusted with contemporary artwork – completely wonderful and the space itself was a work of art. Switzerland is the very quiddity of good design and absolutely everything is beautiful.  At lunchtime Nock circus was in town and its tents gathered in the square like a pack of scarab beetles with their great spikes looming into the blue sky.

The following week in Trelex I had begun to produce some new lino prints spurred on by the geometric architecture I had seen in Geneva. It was very difficult not to be inspired and productive when surrounded by other creative people and for three weeks I lived and breathed art. 

On a warm Tuesday morning I heaved a sigh as I waited in the airport for my flight back to Birmingham. My experience was unforgettable – I’m so happy to have met Nina and all the other residents and I look forward to returning soon…

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